Monday, August 27, 2007

Punch Bunnies!

So I've been busy for the past week doing some editing in After Effects for my compositing class. My friend came up with a concept that we do a fighting game scenario with us fighting each other.

I pieced together the backgrounds, much of the photos were tourist pictures I found on google. My friend animated and designed the backgrounds for the character selection menu, Title screens, and she also did the amazing HP bars and timer. She also found us the great music we used. I composited all my own action sequences for the fight and animated the background, as well as added the final music and sound effects.

So all in all, it came out great! I got 1 night with no sleep (I probably shouldn't have procrastinated so long...but whatcha gonna do? xD)

And here is the final product!

AI Ninja= Me
AI Princess= Krystal

I hope you enjoy it! I'll have the next page of Pokemon Champ up later in the week. If not Wednesday then Thursday.

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