Friday, August 24, 2007

And so far...

Well, with my comic doing so well on DrunkDuck of late, and DeviantArt coming along I decided to hit on Blogging next. I've had thing page open since back when I had my very first Flash animation class and we were required to post at least two or more drawings a week. And since I'm too lazy to make another actual blog, I just decided to continue with this one....fancy that! :D

I have some images for my next comic entitled The Wizard done. The basic storyline takes place in Medieval England during the times of famine, plagues, witch hunts, and of course...magic! The main character is a wizard (Duh?) and is based on a character I did for my first Sword in the Stone pencil test.

Here are some peasents I drew up and finished inking:

And of course, some of the banter that went on between me and my good internet pals:

OoSilver CrowoO: Isn't that just 130 lbs. of pure sexy?
Black Solemacy: how..
Black Solemacy: did i..
Black Solemacy: EVER
OoSilver CrowoO: XD
Black Solemacy: LIVE WITHOUT IT!??!

OoSilver CrowoO: I drew a picture of you! :D
PdavidC222: ummm...
PdavidC222: yay?
OoSilver CrowoO: You look sexy :D
OoSilver CrowoO: Maybe evn more than the normal
PdavidC222: when did you see a picture of me?
PdavidC222: I see a hat...
PdavidC222: I don't wear hats!
OoSilver CrowoO: In my dreams you do o_o
PdavidC222: my goodness...
OoSilver CrowoO: :D
PdavidC222: what IS that thing?
OoSilver CrowoO: Hopefully not cancerous...

Black Solemacy (10:26:50 PM): NICOLES DRAWING.
Black Solemacy (10:26:54 PM): ITS A FEINDISH LIE
Black Solemacy (10:26:57 PM): !!!!!
PdavidC222 (10:27:16 PM): ummm... well, it hasn't loaded yet...
Black Solemacy (10:27:17 PM): OH GOD
PdavidC222 (10:27:24 PM): what is it?
Black Solemacy (10:27:18 PM): THE HORROR.
Black Solemacy (10:27:23 PM): sexy.
PdavidC222 (10:30:07 PM): ::waits for it to load::
Black Solemacy (10:31:08 PM): :3!
Black Solemacy (10:31:12 PM): -anxiety-
PdavidC222 (10:31:31 PM): my goodness...
PdavidC222 (10:31:49 PM): what IS that?
Black Solemacy (10:32:34 PM): HOT

Black Solemacy: is.. that...
Black Solemacy: is tha tme!?
Black Solemacy: CAN IT BE ME!?
OoSilver CrowoO: Maybe ;D
Black Solemacy: SHE HAS A BEARD
Black Solemacy: I WANT A BEARD.
OoSilver CrowoO: Then a beard you shall have!
Black Solemacy: YES!

And of course...

OoSilver CrowoO: The one on the far right...
OoSilver CrowoO: That's me :D
Black Solemacy: LUCKY BITCH.
Black Solemacy: Well
Black Solemacy: We cant all be born perfect I suppose :/ ...
Black Solemacy: I look like ive been run over in the face compaired to you.

PdavidC222 (10:55:26 PM): ummm... it was something in my food?
Black Solemacy (10:55:51 PM): -hug-
Black Solemacy (10:55:53 PM): Mass Genocide.
Black Solemacy: Im jealous Nicole
Black Solemacy (10:58:15 PM): -cling-
Black Solemacy (10:58:23 PM): nicoles beauty intimidates me. dont go

N E ways...I also finished one background so far:

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