Monday, September 3, 2007

Oh yawn!

Well, this week would have been a terribly busy week, but thank God for Labor day. It lessened my otherwise heavy work load by two classes. Though I still have plenty due next week. Wednesday (As I've mentioned in many other places) marks my second portfolio review. I've been working on and off to scrape things together that I will be evaluated on. At least this time the teachers are a lot more organized on what they expect...I think the only problem was actually INFORMING the students of it!

I found on by chance when I just so happened to briefly check my school email on a whim (Which I NEVER check otherwise). And, whew! It saved me a lot of trouble!

But other than that, I've been working on the next few comics for Pokemon Champ. The Wizard is on a bit of a pause. And my main focus (Or what I would like to be my main focus) has been a story I've been working on and off on for over a year now. It's called Crisis Era. And I'd just adore making it into a comic! Even just a story. An animated series one day (If I'm lucky).

It's been my brain baby for quite a few classes now, and I've been working, revising, rewriting and redeveloping the story again and again.

Here's the main premise:

The year 2403 AD marked a cataclysmic year for mankind…and planet Earth as well.

The continued warring between the United States and many of the other nuclear nations lead into a sudden burst of nuclear warfare that resulted in death in the planet as we know it now.

This was a turning point in the timeline…a line when technology was set back and the timeline went in reverse. This was an era marked by the CE, Crisis Era.

Man’s efforts spared utter destruction of the planet. A mass bunker deep underground was built to suffice a large population of humans and animals for the next two hundred years at best.

It was a waiting game as the human race was forced to live underground as the planet fixed itself. The nuclear winter ended after 100 years, and after another 100 the nuclear sediment in the air finally settled and the surface once again became stable…though drastically changed from how it had once been.

The numbers of those that had lived underground for the past 200 years had tripled. The new colonization of the planet was at hand. A majority of the people split into two main groups.

Those that headed north were lead to what would be called the New Republic, a nation built in the mirror image of the America they had lost.

Those who went south would begin the new monarchy nation known as Gunther. They were promised wealth, protection, and a strong military. It wasn’t long before a dictator took over the nation and lead the country into darker times.

Other, smaller colonies broke off to start their own smaller settlements and nations. But it was still the two main nations that ruled. After two hundred years of development, bickering had broken out between the New Republic and Gunther, and soon after, violence.

Any country caught in between these two warring nations were considered battlefields, free property to be claimed by either side. For the next hundred years the high tensions and warring raged on with neither side claiming victor. Many were left suffering in its wake.

Far to the West, in the desert regions of America lived the peaceful village of Yen. They had built far enough away from the two large nations to avoid their conflicts, but the war was slowly growing larger and pushing into more territories. This is where our story begins.

- - -

That's the background the entire story is built on. The main plot is about the characters fighting to get their way across the country to find answers about the past. The main character is Sabriel.

This picture has been posted in my blog in the past.

And of course, there's several others I've been working on redeveloping. For now, I'm working on sketches, thumbnails and more outlines for the story. If I do make this into a comic, I want to do it right. and it'll be a LOT of work. xD

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